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These are the latest news from LinuxIMQ.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.13.x.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.10.25+.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.12.4+.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.11.x.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.10.x. Use this patch up to kernel 3.10.24.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.9.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.7.

Because of an error the previous patch for 3.5.x was some additional data inside the patch. I've added the correct patch from Jussi.

Update the patch for iptables 1.4.13.x, 1.4.14.x and 1.4.15.x: iptables IMQ addon.

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.5.x. Minor change in net/netfilter/Makefile.
Patch for 3.3.x also works for 3.4.x

Patch for Linux Kernel 3.2.x and Linux Kernel 3.3.x is out.

New patch for Linux Kernel 3.1.x is out. This version of patch has some checks for Network Namespace. Without those checks driver crashes when is moved to a specific NS. Also it can be applied to Linux Kernel 3.0.x too.

The patch for iptables 1.4.12 is here: iptables IMQ addon. Some functions in iptables 1.4.12 are obsolete and withdrawn from the iptables source code. Also there is a fix for iptables-save. The rules were saved wrong by IMQ_save function.

After few complains about kernel crashes on some specific harware, here is a fix for kernel 2.6.39: Linux IMQ 2.6.39 with multi-queue.
The Linux IMQ 3.0.0 with multi-queue is also availabe.

New patch for kernel 2.6.39. The Linux IMQ 2.6.39 with multi-queue is based on Linux IMQ 2.6.38 with just few code changes to fit in Kernel 2.6.39.

New patch for kernel 2.6.38. The Linux IMQ 2.6.38 with multi-queue needed some modification by reading dev->features, instead of netif_skb_features() call, when skb->dev is not set. Many thanks to Jussi Kivilinna.

I've added a patch for kernel 2.6.37. Nothing special about it, just I've patched the 2.6.37 with Linux IMQ 2.6.35 with multi-queue. Also I've added a patch for iptables 1.4.10 with a manual for IMQ. Also is a 1.4.6 patch applied to 1.4.10.
Linux IMQ 2.6.37 with multi-queue
IPTables 1.4.10

The patch for Kernel 2.6.35 is has been confirmed to work on 2.6.36, 2.6.37 and 2.6.38-rc4.

We got 2 patches for kernel 2.6.35. First is a classic version of IMQ ported from 2.6.34 and second with multi-queue. Thanks to Jussi Kivilinna.
Linux IMQ 2.6.35 without multi-queue
Linux IMQ 2.6.35 with multi-queue

For multi-queue try this script for loading the module:

IMQ_IS_MQ=$(modinfo imq | grep numqueues)
if [ "$IMQ_IS_MQ" = "" ]; then
    # load single-queue imq
    modprobe imq
# load multi-queue imq
    NUM_CPU=$(grep -c 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo)
    modprobe imq numqueues=$NUM_CPU

The Linux IMQ has been included in pf-kernel. The name of the patch is not connected with BSD Packet Filter. For more details, read on the pf-kernel site. From now will expect for realtime kernel patch for Linux IMQ.

Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.34.
Linux IMQ 2.6.34

Becouse include/linux/skbuff.h has been changed in some places, patch 2.6.33 didn't apply corectly. I've change the 2.6.33 to apply corectly on
Patch for Linux Kernel
Linux IMQ

Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.33.
Linux IMQ 2.6.33
Patch for netfilter/iptables 1.4.6.
IPTables 1.4.6

Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.32.x.
Linux IMQ 2.6.32

New patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.31.x. We are testing the patch for 2.6.32 kernel. After we make tests and will see that is stable will post the patch on the site.
Linux IMQ

There is a new patch for Linux Kernel Thanks for Jussi Kivilinna that fix the nf_reinject funtion. This patch it should work with 2.6.30.x versions too.
Linux IMQ

Thanks to Jussi Kivilinna we have NEW patches for following Linux Kernel versions
(known to fix "unregister_netdevice: waiting for ... to become free")
Linux IMQ 2.6.26
Linux IMQ 2.6.27
Linux IMQ 2.6.28
Linux IMQ 2.6.29

New IMQ patch for iptables version by Zabavschi Vlad
(Thanks to Jussi Kivilinna for fixing a build issue on some systems)

Thanks to Vlad Z. we have a patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.26:
Linux IMQ 2.6.26

There is a new patch available to IPTables 1.4.1. Our thanks to Danny Rawlins for providing this patch.

We have new patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.25 (also reported to work with 2.6.26-rc6):
Linux IMQ 2.6.25

The following patches were fixed/updated:
Patch for iptables 1.4.0
Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.24
Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.23
Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.22
Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.21
Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.20
Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.18

The current patch for iptables works fine on the new version iptables-1.3.8. Please let us know if you have any difficulties.

Thanks to Mr. Patrik Hildingsson we have a new and fixed IMQ patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.21. Please give it a try, the "no such chain" problem should be gone.

Linux kernel 2.6.21.x is out and a minor nomenclature change forced us to release a new IMQ patch. It is available here. Please let us know if you find any trouble using it.

Mr. Adrian Ban made available OpenSuse packages to Linux Kernel and IPtables patched with IMQ. You can download the packages here.

The patch for iptables-1.3.6/1.3.7 is tested and available for general use. Please note that iptables 1.3.6 doesn't compile against kernels >= 2.6.19. For newer kernels use iptables >= 1.3.7.

The patch for 2.6.18 is finally available for general use.

We also have RPM patches for iptables 1.3.7 created by Vlad Zabavschi.

Here are the tested patches for 2.6.19 and 2.6.20 kernels. My special thanks to Vlad for helping during my days off. RPMs will be posted soon.

Vlad Zabavschi sent us some RPM packages for iptables with IMQ. If you are using RPM packages give it a try in our patches page. Thanks for that Vlad.

The 2.6.17 testing version looks OK after 3 weeks of testing so it is officialy available here. Once again, please let us know if you experience any trouble.

We have a testing version of an IMQ patch for Linux kernel 2.6.17. It can be found here: linux-2.6.17-imq1.dif. Please let us know how your tests go.

A new kernel version is out: 2.6.16. Due to changes in 3 Makefiles a new IMQ patch is needed. Please download it here: linux-2.6.16-imq2.diff. Good Luck!

Today the netfilter project released a new version of iptables: 1.3.5. The actual IMQ patch for iptables works in this version without problems. Feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

Its 2006 and we have a new kernel version available: 2.6.15. The actual IMQ patch works fine in this version. Happy new year!!!

Finally we have an IMQ patch for 2.6.14 up to It took longer then it should and many people from the list contributed with sugestions and tests. My special thanks go to all of then. The patch is available here.

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